Good news hounds combine pen and tech brilliantly to find positive stories

By Jill Dando News 

Good news hounds have been combining pen and tech brilliantly to find positive stories.

Dozens of good news reporters were producing brilliant journalism across a UK county again this week.

They were using both the latest technology of journalism and media alongside traditional old school pens – in harmony.

Some of the Jill Dando reporters just before lockdown planting Jill Dando apple trees planted near Bridgwater in Somerset

The students learn incredible media skills, and build their self-esteem.

Meanwhile, those who read the stories  in the Good News Post and wider media feel more positive. 

As we can see from the pictures, The Jill Dando reporters at The Priory Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset were enjoying combining the technology and the pen. Last year before Lockoown, the JIll Dando reporters were planting apple trees near Bridgwater at Pawlett Primary School Academy for their launch.

Jill Dando lead teacher at PCSA Sarah O’Gorman said: “Our reporters are producing excellent standards of journalism with real enthusiasm. 

“They feel a real sense of achievement knowing that people are reading their stories and feeling more positive at the end of it.

“They are using both the latest technology and the old-fashioned pen to produce some amazing work.

“We have seen the confidence and self-esteem boost over the last few years as we have had so many students through our good news centre.”

Over 700 people work across TPLT schools to make a brilliant education for over 5000 students and pupils.

There are good news reporters at Worle Community School Academy, Priory Community School Academy, The King Alfred School Academy, St Anne’s Church Academy, Castle Batch School Academy, Pawlett Primary School Academy, West Huntspill Community Primary and East Huntspill Community Primary. 

There is also one at Ashcombe Primary School.

Jill Dando reporters get to interview people in the community as well as high-profile celebrities.

In the last few years they have interviewed prime minister Boris Johnson on two occasions, one in Somerset and one in Downing Street.

TV legend Fiona Bruce.

With over five years of experience for some of the students in journalism, they are now featuring regularly on wider media such as BBCTV and ITV.

Neville Coles, CEO of TPLT, said: “Our students are producing top-class standards of journalism with maturity and professionalism.” For more Jill Dando news stories click here