Give us more good news to bring happiness and calm

By Shane age 13

There is too much bad news in the world. It is making people worried and it could in extreme cases lead to a lot of mental health problems like depression, agoraphobia and anxiety.

Every time you switch on the television it is always doom and gloom.

The news is always bad bad bad and frightening sometimes.

But there is a lot of good news in the world.

For example, people who work for animal charities like the RSPCA and the PDSA are saving animals everyday.

And foster carers are helping and giving homes to children in need.  

We want to hear stories of fire fighters rescuing a cat that is stuck in a tree.

These are stories we would like to see more of. 

There is loads of good in the world.

Let’s hear more good news please – in between the bad news – to bring happiness and calm in our lives. Thank you.