Get ready to rock! Brilliant students to do yet another astounding summer musical (By Mark, 15, Jill Dando News @ Priory)

By Mark, 15, Jill Dando News

Following last year’s electrifying and madcap production of Ashman & Menken’s “Little Shop of Horrors”, our PCSA Creative Department venture to bring the beloved 1971 musical “Grease” to life. 

The school’s production of this timeless classic is sure to captivate audiences, taking them back to the iconic era of the 1950s in California, where greasers, polka dots, and rock ‘n’ roll roamed wild and teenage rebellion struck the mainstream with flair and style. 

Under the skillful guidance of their director and our Head of Drama, Hannah Harding (as well as Creative teachers Helen Howard and Lucy Rush), the casting for the production was nothing short of phenomenal. 
The production boasts a talented cast, with the lead roles of Danny Zuko and Sandy Dumbrowski being played with brilliant chemistry and talent by Freddy Jones (Year 11) and Gabi Niec (Year 9), respectively.


Each member brings their own unique finesse to their respective roles. The T-Birds and Pink Ladies, the cool cliques of Rydell High, are filled with energy and personality, portrayed by a group of dedicated students who have immersed themselves in their characters.

With exceptional performers, vibrant costumes, and impressive stagecraft, the students of Priory Community School are set to transport attendees to Rydell High on performances slated for Wednesday 12 July and Thursday 13 July.

Tickets become available for purchase in just less than three weeks (on the 5th of June!)

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