Fun as care home residents reveal secret to cooking Christmas lunch like your gran!

By Jill Dando News

When you’re 86 you’re well qualified to give tips on a perfect Christmas Day dinner!

Now care home residents of have shared their best-kept secrets to cooking Christmas dinner: 

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  • “Have a tipple when you are making it”, shares Agnes, 91-years-old
  • “Never be in charge of making it”, shares Margaret, 84-years-old
  • “Always go out for a meal – no dishes!” shares James, 78-years-old and Mary, 82-years-old
  • “Have a steak and chicken pie instead of turkey’, shares Cathy, 94-years-old
  • “Make sure you have everything you need”, shares Isabella, 84-years-old
  • “Everyone should work together to make the dinner special”, shares Doreen, 90-years-old
  • “Nothing like a good brussel sprout”, shares Yvonne, 84-years-old
  • “My Christmas dinner was never perfect – but it was perfect enough for me”, shares Jess, 87-years-old

Along with Christmas dinner tips, residents have shared their fond memories of Christmas over the decades:

Many of our residents are firm believers that a meal shared with loved ones is the most important thing about Christmas – what makes it extra special is the food.

Cathy (94-years-old), a resident at Bearehill Care Home, loves a “steak and chicken pie over a traditional turkey” on Christmas day and suggests everyone should try it one year! 

84-year-old Yvonne much prefers a traditional Christmas dinner and shares that you can’t beat a “good brussel sprout”.

Resident at Buchanan House, 90-year-old Doreen, believes the key to making a Christmas dinner like your Gran is working together. She shared the joy of Christmas comes alive when “everyone works together to make the dinner special”. 

From Christmas dinner tips to understanding the true meaning of Christmas, there’s lots we can learn from older generations, shares Hannah Karim, Senior Care Expert Manager at Lottie

“For anyone feeling the pressure to have the “perfect” Christmas this year, our residents have shared the true magic of the day comes from spending time with your loved ones – and even trying a new tradition.

This Christmas, why not strike up a conversation with an older adult about their favourite part of Christmas day? You’ll bring them joy at a special time of the year and be surprised by how many new tips and tricks you can learn to add to your Christmas day festivities this year.”

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