Fed up of bad news? Want hope? You’re not alone.

Fed up of bad news? Want hope? You’re not alone.

By the Founding Editor

The world in 2020 has reached saturation point with rolling 24/7 365 bad news.

The tide has turned, and now there is a fast growing demand for positive good news from the public.

In 2020, after COVID-19, Brexit fury on both sides, and 19 years of terror, wars, conflict, hate and unkindness, enough is enough.

The birth of the iPhone in 2007, swirled by Facebook, Twitter and more, meant the bad news now follows us home. It’s often the last thing we see at night, the first thing we hear in the morning, and stays with us like a blue bottle fly in sweltering heat.

Life is often hard enough, a daily struggle for millions. Plato was right, ‘Be kind to everyone because everyone is fighting a hard battle.’

But sadly the news and social media is full of stories of fear, unkindness, anger, hate, prejudice and horror.

The rapid acceleration in mental health cases of young and old, is no coincidence.

Our minds and ’resilience tanks’ can only take so much. They have now exploded in so many.

Of course, the media needs to hold the powerful to account.

But it also needs to be an encouragement to people, inspiring hope, kindness and positive minds.

That’s why the Good News Post was born. It is to flood the world with good news. It is to make the world a kinder, more peaceful, better place to live.

It is to train children and young people across Britain in the world to write good news stories and ‘post’ them to this news website.

We will then pass the stories on across Britain and the world.

I’ve been a news junkie from my earliest memories. in 1996 I became a newspaper reporter and have been in the industry ever since. Since 2007 I have been working with other professional journalists in schools to inspire the next generations.

In 2017 this newspaper was born, and in 2020 we have now expanded across the country and across the world.

We have also started a campaign to inspire children young people and everyone to #BeKind.

Send us your good news stories today. If you post one to social media, copy us in. Our hashtags are #BeKind and #GoodNewsPost .

Let’s make the world a kinder, more peaceful, better place to live.

Let 2020 be the year that the tide of bad news really turned for ever.

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