Tasting toasted marshmallows follows exciting learning about fuel, oxygen and fire at fantastic school

By Jill Dando News 

Pupils at St Anne’s Church Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset learnt lots about fuel, oxygen and fire in an exciting outside lesson.

The school is passionate about forest school learning and last week the pupils were excited after the arrival of a Woodlands Trust pack to plant 90 trees in their school grounds.

This week they turned their attention to learning about the mix of fuel, oxygen and a spark to make a fire – and also about determination.

They were also later able to enjoy tasting toasted marshmallows.

Speaking to Jill Dando News, pupils told their own stories about the exciting learning.

Charlie said: “I learned that to make a spark, you push the striker down on the metal. You have to make sure you push hard and flick at the end.”

Kiera said: “I enjoyed roasting the marshmallow on the fire but I wasn’t keen on eating it because I don’t like marshmallows!”

Maya added: “It was a challenge to make a spark using the striker but I kept trying and made a spark!”

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Learning Mentor Cat Hockey said: “We had a great afternoon! We learnt that you need fuel, oxygen and a spark to make a fire. We also learnt how to make a spark using a striker which was a challenge however with perseverance, we were successful.”

The extra trees will mean that the school can even further develop their outstanding nature and wildlife areas and also boost the environment.

St Anne’s Church Academy is a high achieving and happy caring school, and is the first school in North Somerset to receive the highly prized Social School Award.

It is part of The Priory Learning Trust. https://www.theplt.org.uk

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