Charity helping people box their way through anxiety (By Evie, 11)

By Evie, 11, Jill Dando News @ Priory Community School Academy

Enya, 15, found a way to help her cope with her anxiety: she started boxing.

An English charity is helping young people to deal with their anxiety through boxing. 

Enya had severe anxiety and struggled with her eating. However, she found a brilliant way to help her cope with it, which was boxing. 

Boxing – photo via

Enya was recommended to an English charity Empire Fighting Chance by her school.

The Bristol charity uses a combination of non-contact boxing and personal support to help young people who are experiencing emotional and behavioural issues as a result of social and economic inequality.

According to Positive.News, Enya said, ‘I feel calmer, more at ease’. 

Enya is hoping that when she finishes school she will become an apprentice at Empire Fighting Chance.

Enya is a great example of how starting something new can make you feel different about yourself.