Ellise, 21, our Jill Dando News Disabilities Correspondent, on journey across UK to motivate thousands of students and staff

Ellise, 21, our Jill Dando News Disabilities Correspondent, on journey across UK to motivate thousands of students and staff

By JIll Dando News

The inspirational Ellise, 21, Disabilities Correspondent for Jill Dando News and the Good News Post is touring schools across the UK with her amazing life-changing story and message.

Ellise, who has overcome Celebral Palsy to become a superb motivational speaker, was this morning at The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge, Somerset, part of The Priory Learning Trust.

She told her story of determination and resilience, and then urged students to always be kind, positive and hopeful – believing for the light at the end of every tunnel.

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Jill Dando News was there this morning for her latest talk, which went down incredibly well with the hundreds of students and staff present.

Despite having cerebral palsy from birth, using her eyes to speak via high-tech Eye-Gaze technology - Ellise has been motivating audiences across the UK for several years from her walking frame.

She is giving the world a much-needed positive message of hope while the life-changing Eye-Gaze technology beams out the late Queen’s voice.

During lockdown, Ellise Tweeted messages of hope, positivity and optimism from her Somerset home.

Now she is in schools and other locations motivating children, students, staff, trainee teachers and more.

Ellise thrived at the secondary school Preston School in Yeovil, Somerset where Gregg Morrison was her headteacher. Gregg is now Director of Secondary Education at TPLT.

In a message posted on YouTube Ellise says: “My message to you is one of good news, that optimism is what we all need more than ever before.

“I have had cerebral palsy from birth but I can only see the positives. Life is beautiful.

“My voice speaks out the same voice as the inspirational late Queen Elizabeth, who was also an infectious messenger of optimism. So - Whatever is going on in your life, or the world, choose optimism.”

The late Queen too began her messages of hope and optimism early. During World War II, at the age of 14 she was telling millions via the radio that ‘in the end all will be well’.

Ellise with PCSA students

Gregg said: “To be honest, I don’t think there is a speaker in the world who is better placed to motivate than Ellise. She thrived at school, was loved by everyone, and has enthusiasm to match the most passionate of people.

“She lets nothing hold her back, and her refreshing message of hope and optimism is one we all need to hear, especially in these days where there is so much bad news everywhere.”

Ellise became Disability Correspondent for Jill Dando News last July after delivering a superb talk to Priory Community School Academy - also part of The Priory Learning Trust - last July.

She now finds stories of inspirational people with disabilities who are doing incredible things across the world. She is giving talks across the UK and has a glittering motivational career ahead of her.

Ellise is thoroughly loving her new role at Jill Dando News where students find, write and publish stories to the Good News Post www.goodnewspost.co.uk and the wider Media.

She told our Jill Dando News reporters that she started motivational speaking doing assemblies in 2019 back at her old school.

Ellise pictured at the Footsteps Foundation

Ellise added: “It is a pleasure to be able to share my talks. I enjoy encouraging others and sharing my story. I also thoroughly love my role on being a Jill Dando Journalist.

“We need more kindness, positivity and optimism than ever before in the UK and the world.

“Jill Dando was such an optimistic person and journalist. We are delighted the her legacy is expanding with such a refreshingly positive ethos that is making the world a better place to live.”

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