Dan helping world plan for post-Covid19 Wi-fi strategy

Dan helping world plan for post-Covid19 Wi-fi strategy

An Apple and Wi-Fi expert is now advising the world’s businesses to plan post COVID-19 Internet strategy to save the economy billions after coronavirus lockdown financial devastation

Dan Jones, Head of Maven Consultancy in Somerset, England is helping produce a plan to ensure that businesses are not handicapped by any future coronavirus spikes, lockdowns or future pandemics.

The Apple and Wi-Fi expert has come up with a range of options for businesses, schools and organisations to get the fastest Wi-Fi in the world – in a post pandemic world.

He is heading to Caesars Palace, Las Vegas in October as an invited speaker on designing Wi-Fi for Apple devices, following up from speaking to Audiences in Phoenix, Arizona (US) earlier this year for the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference (WLPC).

He wants to ensure that businesses and schools get the maximum productivity, despite any pandemic, and in a fast changing Wi-Fi, Internet and 5G world

Dan’s plans include…

1. Ensuring homeworkers get as fast and secure Wi-Fi as they get at work, by linking work office Wi-Fi to the Home Office

2. Building Wi-Fi Access Points underneath the floors of businesses and homes to guarantee excellent signal whilst maintaining great aesthetics.

Dan said “COVID-19 and the whole coronavirus pandemic has changed the world forever.

“It has also forced millions to work from home. I am now advising businesses on how to deploy fast and secure Wi-Fi into their home offices, and even under the floors of the new build office buildings.

“Wi-Fi has become one of the most important things in this new world and it has really hit home during COVID-19.”

The Wi-Fi genius worked for Apple in London and after becoming an expert in all things Apple and Wi-Fi, he now mixes the two to help businesses and organisations get the very best Wi-Fi the world has to offer.

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