Could this Covid-19 cleaning trolley car wash be in British supermarkets soon?

Could this Covid-19 cleaning trolley car wash be in British supermarkets soon?

UK supermarkets now have access to a trolley cleaning machine that kills off COVID-19

Hundreds of supermarkets in Germany are using the new drive-thru tool, with the nation seeing one of the lowest coronavirus rates in the world.

Now Clean Trolley, a new drive-thru has brought it to Britain.

The system provides supermarkets with an effective way of ensuring every trolley is 100% virus free – with the capacity to clean 30 trollies in under 30 seconds.

Currently 200 machines are sold in Germany every week to help combat the virus.

Managing Director Mike Wilkinson said: “This drive-through car wash is seeing fantastic results in Germany, which has such low rates.

It makes sense for supermarkets across our country to think ahead and start using such products right now. It’s use could also be expanded to wheelchairs, hospital beds, and airports.

“For anything that is portable, but not electrical, that is handled by large groups of people could spread the coronavirus inadvertently, and Clean Trolley will minimise that risk going forward.”

Clean Trolley, which was invented in the Netherlands and is being distributed by Lancashire-based company Wilkinson Mobile Catering, functions in a similar way to a car wash.

The trolley is moved through the machine and the entire trolley, including the wheels, is sprayed, and cleaned with viricide, which effectively kills off COVID-19 and other viruses.

It allows an entire row of trolleys to be pushed through and can completely clean 30 in under 30 seconds, meaning not only is it much more thorough than the current method of a retail assistant wiping the trolley bar handle down by hand, but it’s also much more efficient too.

The machines are being sold at a rate of around 200 a week in Germany, appearing in the country’s Lidl and Aldi supermarkets.

Wilkinson Mobile Catering will also donate 10% of the profits to the NHS charities fund, and the intention is to run it out to every UK supermarket.

Clean Trolley sprays a fine atomised mist ensuring every single part of the trolley is covered in viricide, eliminating COVID-19 and other viruses.

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