Coronavirus, terror and climate calamities – but good news Greta and children everywhere are the answer

As 2020 hits, there have been a tidal wave of fears hitting the world.

Coronavirus continues its relentless progress and the world financial markets now plan for the worse.
It all seems bad. Fear is contagious. Fear kills hope, and breeds anxiety, worry and adverse mental health. Yet in the midst of the chaos child climate warrior Greta Thurnberg arrives in Bristol, England.
Tens of thousands of children, are expected to go.
Greta is inspiring the world’s youngsters to change the story.
And giving hope.
The fact is schools across the UK and the world are rammed full of children and students who are packed with good news.
They are doing random acts of kindness, winning awards, achieving success, caring for relatives and aiming for big careers and missions – just like Greta herself.
If you’re a Head Teacher or parent, you can do something about this.
In 2020, when bad news is getting worse, we need to bombard the Media and Social Media with uplifting, positive stories to cheer people up.
In any school, there are thousands upon thousands of inspirational stories, making more good news than bad.
Sadly, we often only hear reports when things go wrong.
During the Good News Post’s interview with Prime Minister Boris Johnson last summer, he told us he wants to unleash the creative brilliance of every single child.
Wonderful news.
We agree.
Greta’s visit today will inspire many. The truth is, there are millions of budding Greta’s with good news stories right across the world.
As Boris said, It is time to unleash them.