Children help NHS fight Covid19 by making face masks

by Jill Dando News team

Students as young as 11 are helping to make hundreds of face masks for NHS GPs and care homes to use to battle Covid19, after a surge in demand.

The students aged 11 to 14 across The Priory Learning Trust schools (TPLT) in Somerset have been cutting visors and using school DT equipment to finish them off.

In a massive community partnership and show of support for the NHS, Priory Community School Academy (PCSA) Worle Community School Academy (WCSA) and The King Alfred School Academy (TKASA) have all been helping out.

PCSA Principal Angelos Markoutsas and Head of DT David Clay had made 50 last week but local GPs got in touch to ask for a big increase to cope with an expected spike in demand. 

GP leaders met with Angelos this week and have been helping in the design of the face masks, which children and staff are now putting into operation.

Michelle Michael of the Grand Pier are providing materials and potential manpower as the partnership extends.

Angelos said: “We are delighted that we could involve our students who are in the school at the moment to help in this vital work. They were very excited to be part of something that was helping our community and the NHS in such difficult times.”

Neville Coles Executive Principal of TPLT said: ”This is great compassionate work by David and Angelos and all of our schools and students.

“We are especially keen to help local GPs who have actually helped with the mask design and to assist Weston HospiceCare. 

“We are working closely with Michelle Michael and the Grand Pier to source materials and help in any way we can.”

Michelle Michael of the Grand Pier said: “We are delighted to be able to help with supplying raw materials to assist in the making of face guards for our front line workers.”