Chatter and natter to brighten your day

Chatter and natter to brighten your day

By Jill Dando News

Chatter and Natter tables are taking to the nation to help cure loneliness.

Hundreds of venues have signed up to the scheme, in cafes, pubs, libraries, hospitals – anywhere that people can sit and chat over a coffee.

The aim is to kickstart conversations, get people chatting and make peoples’ day.

Two have been set up in Jill Dando’s former town of Weston-super-Mare including at Cafe@ The Campus just a mile from her childhood home.

Julie (pictured) is now at the campus, every Friday from 12 noon for a couple of hours

She said: “We would love for anybody to come down who would like some conversation.

“There is also an excellent coffee shop with cakes on hand for people who want to buy them.”

Founder Alex Hoskyn said: “A Chatter & Natter table creates a space for people to talk; whether it is for five minutes while you drink a brew, or an hour of good conversation.

“We’re not trying to build friendships – just simple interactions to combat loneliness and to just maybe have a big impact on someone’s day.

“Although the aims of the scheme are to reduce loneliness and get people chatting we decided not to use the word loneliness on any of the publicity that is displayed in cafes.

“Instead it is very positive and focuses on bringing people of all ages and from all walks of life together. We want to mix everyone up!”

Customers can sit if they are happy to talk to other customers.

Chatter & Natter tables are in around 440 of Costa Coffee stories in the UK.

Venues can sign up to the scheme here.

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