Charity in memory of Harry raises massive £3 million

Charity in memory of Harry raises massive £3 million

By Tamsen, 14, Priory Community School Academy, Jill Dando News

A charity set up in memory of a young cancer patient has raised more than £3m by selling homemade bracelets.

Harry Mosely, 11, died of a brain tumour in 2011, and was called an “inspiration” by Cancer Research UK.

His project Help Harry Help Others raised £750,000 and was turned into a charity by his mother, Georgie.

The charity set up a cancer support centre in Birmingham which has helped about 1000 people.

Harry started making beaded bracelets to raise funds for Cancer Research after he made a friend at QE hospital who became extremely ill.

"The charity's run with its heart before its head, but I think that's what makes us quite special," said Georgie.

(Family photos via BBC)

"I think he would be as proud as punch.”

Georgie added: "Harry raised over £750,000 in the last two years of his life. He just didn't give up, [he was] just selfless.”

Ms Moseley's vision is to open more centres to continue her son's legacy.

A "light in the dark" event was held to mark the charity's first decade in which supporters wore illuminous bracelets and some venues were specially lit, including the exterior of Birmingham Library which was bathed in blue.

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