Wonder dog Daisy saves distressed car who fell down a mineshaft (By Oliver, 13)

By Oliver, 13, Jill Dando News 

A Cornish canine, Daisy led her owner, Michele Rose, to her distressed cat stuck down a mineshaft. 

Whilst talking to the BBC, Michele said that she had almost ‘given up hope’ on Mowgli, the cat, returning. 

Last year, she adopted Mowgli and Baloo, and Daisy was immediately protective of the kittens. 

Unfortunately, the BBC didn’t mention why Michele and Daisy were near the mines, but they did report that after 6 days, she went ‘berserk’ in the area. 

Picture – RSPCA

When Daisy led her to an opening in the mines, and she realised why, she immediately called Cornwall fire and rescue, but it was too late and dark that day. 

The next day, RSPCA officer Stephen Finlow came out to the mines to rescue Mowgli, who was 100 feet down and miraculously unharmed!

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