Unique PreLoved Prom dress scheme is relaunching for the summer after a massive boom and expansion

Unique PreLoved Prom dress scheme is relaunching for the summer after a massive boom and expansion

By Jill Dando News

The unique, groundbreaking, eco-boosting PreLoved Prom scheme at The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge, Somerset allows students and residents to access clothing for free.

Hundreds of quality dresses and suits are donated from across Britain up to the value of £450.

The clothing can also be borrowed by residents for free or in exchange for a donation to the Weston Hospicecare charity. (Abbey from Weston Hospicecare is pictured below, right, is with Katie, far left, and Lyla, middle)

After three years of running, the scheme has re-opened for the summer and is more popular than ever.

The launch even is on Saturday 30 April 11:00 -13:30 with registrations taken by clicking Eventbrite here.

Katie, 15, pictured left of TKASA, has already chosen her dress for the summer and will help out in the scheme when she enters the school-based Sixth Form.

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She said: “When I saw all the dresses for the first time I was overwhelmed. They are all excellent quality.”

Lyla, 15, has also chosen her dress and will help out with the scheme in the Sixth Form.

She said: “This is really good quality clothing. It is also more relaxed than going to a clothes shop.”

Organiser Suzanne Lawrence said: “The scheme is proving extremely popular and we are seeing a boom in supply and demand.

“There is no doubt that this would work in schools across the country. The demand is there after COVID-19 and the scheme works brilliantly.

“This initiative is not just for King Alfred School Academy Students.  Come and have a browse. If you find something you like then all we ask is you make sure you return it to us after your event and that you make a donation to Weston HospiceCare.”

The King Alfred School Academy (TKASA) has had a tremendous few years and is soaring in exam results, curriculum provision, pastoral support and with its high-performing school-based sixth form.

TKASA is part of The Priory Learning Trust.

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