Brilliant Belinda wins ‘impossible’ fight against digital giant Google to change the lives of millions of people just years after leaving school

By Olivia, 15, and Jack, 15, Jill Dando News

In 2013 Belinda Bradley left Worle Community School Academy in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.

Within just a few years she had campaigned against the biggest digital force in the world and, against all the odds, won the battle.

Now Google Maps have introduced an ‘accessible places’ option to help wheelchair users to get around, all thanks to Belinda.

After doing a Ted Talk to the world, she is helping WCSA students with tips to support the environment, mental health charity In Charley’s Memory and more.

“I found my voice at WCSA with Student Voice. This battle looked impossible but we did it. Anyone can do this by staying loud.” said Belinda.

Her campaign began when she tried to take a trip to London with her mum who has recently become disabled.

After masterminding a world campaign and visiting Google HQ to meet their bosses, she finally got them to change their whole global system.

She added: “The whole journey of the petition was about getting representation for millions of people. 

“The result has been fantastic, but even more importantly, we’ve now built this massive platform for change.

“I hope to use it to continue speaking up for all people with alternative needs and addressing the challenges they may face. It takes a lot of determination but it really proves how much you can achieve when you work for it. You’ve just got to put yourself out there.”

Belinda sent her petition to everyone she knew, including her friends and teachers at WCSA. 

WCSA Principal Jacqui Scott said: “Everyone at our school is delighted and proud of Belinda and her incredible achievements. She is living proof that all things are possible, with hard work, enthusiasm and determination.”

British TV journalist legend Jill Dando and the founding editor of Business Leader are also former students of WCSA.

This story was written by Olivia and Jack, Head Girl and Head Boy at WCSA.