Brains are being battered by bad news. Why good news can help

Brains are being battered by bad news.  Why good news can help

By The Editor

After a career in journalism spanning 25 years, I have sensed brains and the world being sent spinning by a massive tsunami of bad news since 2000.

Since 911, terrorism, financial meltdowns and fears have increased at unprecedented levels.

Then we had the ‘big bang’ revolution of the iPhone, gadgets and lots of social media.

There has been a knock-on revolution in a negative way on people who are carrying more anxiety, fear, worries and trepidation about life than ever before.

I battled my own negativity coming out of my teenage years and into my 20s, so I know what it is like. I was determined to start thinking positively. As everyone knows, this in life is a challenge. it is a daily battle involving only listening to positive things and only surrounding yourself with positive people.

I realised that there are two sides to a story, and there are two ways of thinking – negative or positive.

I am now passionate about the power of good news.

I believe that good news is good for people and good for the world. I also believe that there is more good news out there then bad. Far more good news the bad in fact.

We just don’t hear about it.

The tide is turning however. People are now wanting more good news they ever before.

Covid19 is the last straw for many. After 20 years of accelerating bad news, the coronavirus crisis has sent many people over the edge.

This is why I am passionate about good news.

This is why in 2017 we launched this good news newspaper.

And  this is why I have just re-launched a series of talks on good news that I will take to organisations.

I hope Covid19 gives birth to a new wave of positivity and optimism right across Britain and the world.

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