Big hearted Harry shares his Christmas with others

Big hearted Harry shares his Christmas with others

Harry Dwyer, aged 11, of Melksham Oak Community School is giving away all his old toys for children in hospitals across Britain.

Harry and his family are raiding their attic and garage for old toys for the ChristmasPresent Appeal, across England’s many hospitals.

The Salvation Army Project is run every Christmas and Harry will be donating old teddy bears, action figures, stationery, books and many activity things for children of all ages to play with this Christmas.

Harry said: “I hope I can make a difference to a child’s happiness and spread smiles this year!”

Melksham Oak is an inspirational school that encourages students to care for others and the community.

Principal Alan Henderson said: “Harry is kind and thoughtful and everything that we promote at our school. This is a wonderful thing to do.”

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