Bee good to our most important insect and help the planet

By Lucy, aged 12

With all the talk about the environment, it is time for us to help our world. It’s the only one we have.

One powerful way is to fill our garden and holes with plants that attract bees.

The bumble bee is are so important to the environment because they pollinate our plants and our food we need to survive. 

Bees are the most important insect to humans on earth as they regulate our food supply. 

I have been lucky this year to have solitary bees in my garden which have been using my bee hotels to nest. 

There are over 200 species of solitary bees. Interestingly, they do not produce honey or live in a hive. 

We should encourage bees into our garden as their habitat is under increasing threat. 

Please plant bee loving plants and put bee houses to help our little friends out.