Baby Boom Bonanza – Noah’s Ark Celebrates ‘Aww-some News!

By Jill Dando News

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, a zoo and conservation charity based in North Somerset, is thrilled to announce an autumnal baby boom, with the arrival of several adorable new additions to their animal family. These precious newborns have bought joy and excitement to their staff and visitors alike. 

Among the new arrivals is a delightfully fluffy Bactrian female camel calf, born to proud mother, Hetty. Clare Roberts, Lead Camel Keeper at Noah’s Ark explained ‘After a 13-month-long gestation period, the birth of this calf marks a significant milestone. We were so proud to see her take her first tentative wobbly steps in her paddock and within a few hours bound around with confidence. She’s proving to be an incredibly popular new addition with both staff and visitors!’ 

Roberts continued ‘To mark the occasion, we are inviting the public to help us choose the perfect name for the camel calf.’ The public is being asked to submit their name suggestions via Noah’s Ark’s Facebook or Instagram pages and the name will be chosen on Wednesday 18th October. 

In addition to the camel calf, Noah’s Ark has also welcomed a foal named Azizi to the Zebra herd. The stripey new arrival has been born to mother Nola. Jayne James, Lead Africa Keeper said ‘Azizi has been settling in really well, she’s showing her inquisitive and cheeky nature and confidently exploring her paddock under the watchful eye of Nola’. Jayne continued ‘Azizi has been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather since being born and has often been seen dozing in the sunshine.’ 

And the baby excitement doesn’t end there! Noah’s Ark has also welcomed Roo, Hobnob, Squirrel, Nutella and Marmite, the guinea pig pups! These little bundles of joy can be seen in Noah’s Ark’s Animal Village. 

Larry Bush, Managing Director of Noah’s Ark said ‘It’s truly heartwarming to see our animal family grow with these precious new arrivals. The camel calf was actually born on my birthday and after 13 long months of waiting for her safe arrival, I could not have wished for a better birthday gift! We hope the newest Zoo residents will bring as much joy to our visitors in the upcoming October half term as they have to our staff.’

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