An ambitious school has had its tireless work and visionary plans endorsed by Ofsted

An ambitious school has had its tireless work and visionary plans endorsed by Ofsted

By Jill Dando News

Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare is on an ambitious, developmental journey under new Headteacher Mark Tidman and his new Leadership Team.

Now Ofsted inspectors have endorsed the raft of measures currently taking place to improve the school, after their recent visit.

The school, along with The Priory Learning Trust, has been working tirelessly to improve the school, as part of their five year Plan 2 Proud.

It aims to release the potential of every single student at the school and make them PROUD - Prepared, Respectful, Optimistic, Understanding and Determined.

In the report, inspectors recognised the challenges that the school has faced, and continues to face, but were pleased with the current trajectory of improvement.

They recognised that there was more work to do but they had every confidence in its capacity to further improve the school.

Inspectors praised increased expectations of students, a wide array of opportunities to improve students’ character, talents and interests, and clubs including music, drama, art and sports.

They also highlighted the brilliant careers programme and the school’s Jill Dando News project in memory of former student, Jill Dando.

They said that The Priory Learning Trust has supported the school to ensure that it has the right staff and resources 'to bring about positive change'.

Principal Mr Tidman said: “Whilst we agree with the rating of Requires Improvement, we are determined and resolute in our work to make Worle a securely good school, and we will work tirelessly to achieve this.”

“We absolutely acknowledge the areas that Ofsted have highlighted for improvement and these align closely with our current development planning. “We need to ensure that as a school we build positive relationships throughout our school community and make certain that all of our pupils attend regularly and achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Mark added: “It was very pleasing that what we are doing to improve the school has been recognised by Ofsted as working and we should continue with our ambitious plans, so that we are recognised as ‘good’ in our next full inspection.”

Areas highlighted by inspectors included:

◦ Expectations of what pupils can achieve and how they behave have increased substantially.

◦ Recent changes to how staff manage behaviour have reduced low-level disruption.

◦ Many pupils enjoy school.

◦ The school has recently improved the rigour and ambition of the curriculum. There are new systems and staff in place to improve pupils’ attendance.

◦ The school aims to make pupils PROUD (prepared, respectful, optimistic,  understanding and determined).

◦ Some pupils thrive as a result of the opportunities they have to develop their characters, talents and interests.

◦ There are clubs for music, art, drama and sports. Pupils are proud of the leadership roles they hold. Some become young journalists in  the on-site news centre.”

◦ “The comprehensive careers programme helps pupils to consider their future options. Almost all pupils move into education, training or employment at the end of year 11.

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