Incredible eco students give a happiness and oxygen boosting touch of green for every single school classroom

By Jill Dando News

Green-fingered students have introduced two pretty Schedfflera Janine plants to go in every classroom across the school.

Two students are selected weekly to look after the plants at Priory Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, allowing students to showcase responsibility and respect for their learning environment.

The aim is to bring more green in and become a more eco-friendly school.

Research says that plants make you happier and increase the levels of oxygen in the room so students have welcomed the change.

The PCSA Eco group (PECO) have successfully campaigned for every tutor room to receive their houseplant.

Plants have many benefits such as improved mood and reduced
stress levels so students are pleased to have a little greenery in their learning space.

Both plants arrived with a water tray and a care sheet, explaining how to look after the plant. It is a very easy low maintenance plant that  needs bright but indirect sunlight and only needs watering when the soil is completely dried out.

A member of the Eco club, Mark, 13, quoted that “the eco committee decided to add plants as it is a good way to make the school better”.