The wonderful William Wilberforce, by Joel, 12

The wonderful William Wilberforce, by Joel, 12

As part of our Heroes of Hope series, Joel, 12, examines the life of William Wilberforce and how he changed history.

William Wilberforce helped abolish slavery in he 1800s, and his big dream happened just three days after his sad death. He is still a hero to millions.

In 1789 politician William made a three hour speech against slavery in Parliament, convincing them to think twice about slavery and help him abolish it.

He campaigned all about slavery and carried on until 1826 when he had to leave the parliament because of his bad health.

When slavery was eventually abolished in 1833 he became a hero and was a very loved man accross England

Will’s passionate dream to abolish slavery eventually happened just three days before his sad death.

He lived to 73 years of age and had lived a life like no other by getting rid of one of the most terrible tragedies ever.

He had a nice family life too, with his wife Barbara Wilberforce and three sons Samuel, Henry and Robert. He also had a sister called Ann and his mother who was called Elizebeth.

William joined the Cambridge university in 1776 at the age of 17. He was very popular when he was there and really enjoyed gambling and late night drinking while he was there he formed a great relationship with William Pitt who was elected prime minister at the age of 24.

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