Don’t fear bad news! 7 quick tips to induce a positive mind and hope

Don’t fear bad news! 7 quick tips to induce a positive mind and hope

By The Editor (Happiness)

Ok, so perhaps the world has gone totally mad. Hate, terrorism, climate disaster. Now a virulent disease plaguing populations across the earth.

Meanwhile, a 24.7 explosion of saturation bad news media and social media hits us at all sides. It follows us to our work, to our homes, even to the bathroom and our beds.

Bad news everywhere and there is no end in sight.

We suffer sleep deprivation, anxiety rockets, and we are left with an all pervading sense of doom.

Fear and dread is no way to live

If your mind is filled with fear, you are not really living. As a news addict and journalist since the mid 1990s, one of my favourite things is to live and watch the news. But living in dread is no way to live. I have had to battle to overcome this fear lifestyle.

That’s one reason why I started this newspaper. To put out good news across the world. To cheer people up. To help release hope.

Get to grips with the battle in your brain - think more good news thoughts

What is our response? How do we stop fearing this bad news? How do we overcome evil?

We need to remember that we are not powerless. We do not have to give in to fear.

1 Filter the news. Ok, I don’t mean avoid all information and stick your head in the sand. I love news and have done since the earlier age. But media stories are dominated by dread. Fear sells. So get what you need to know and then turn it off. Or watch something positive.

2 Same with social media. Stacks of studies show social media use is bad for mental health. If you want to be happier, filter it.

3 Deep breathe, slowly, through the nose. It sounds simple but it counter-effects the stress hormones released when we fear. Make this a habit.

4 Read and listen to uplifting books filled with hope, positivity and good news. There are zillions of these around.

5 Think good news. You and I have 50000 thoughts a day. Most of the messages from the Media and Social Media are negative. So you need to make a determined effort to fill your mind with positive.

6 Walk. Walking is a miracle exercise for health but also our minds. Walk two miles a day minimum. In the parks and countryside if you can. Exercise and greenery helps us think more positive.

7 Do something good for others. Overcome fear and evil by acts of kindness, good deeds or thinking of someone else. Text someone. Encourage others. Smile at people. Get your mind off yourself. There is always someone worse off.

You and I are in a battle. It is vital to remember there is more good news than bad - your mind is just saturated with the negative thoughts. But with a commitment to the 7 steps above, we can go a long way to overcoming fear.

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