YouTube Sensation with 38 million views after being rejected by radio stations gives students his top tips for life success – fail and get better

By Joshua Keyes, 15, Jill Dando News @ Worle Community School Academy

In an exclusive interview for Jill Dando News, Comedian and You tuber Max Fosh who has a huge 450,000 Followers told students that failing is the way to get better.

Fosh, who creates innovative videos such as renting the Olympic Swimming pool for a lilo race and also Running for The London Mayor – finishing 19th – has a running total of over 38 Million views across his Main Channel.

Max spent up to three years doing hospital radio, but after getting no offers from radio stations, he started filming YouTube interviews on the streets of Newcastle and saw his career soar.

Four years on, Max is one of Britain’s best YouTube presenters.

It’s ok to fail

He told our reporters his top tips for success: “If you fail at it, that’s okay, that’s the only way you can do better. Just try loads of things when you are at school as this is when you have the opportunity to fail and when you do.

“It doesn’t matter as you have lots to still fall back on and are able to try something else. As you get older it’s much harder to try something new for the first time.”

Max finished the Interview with a funny story about how after sneaking his way into London fashion week as a fake model, four days later he was in the Pakistani evening news as the front page for London Fashion Week!

Max Fosh sends his best wishes to everyone at the Jill Dando News Centre and urges everyone to keep up the good work.

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