Greta issues world hope message

By Samara Siviter, 16, The King Alfred School Academy

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has given a message of hope to the world.

Greta, 18, spoke during this week’s Davos Agenda, stressing the importance of hope to the world’s young people.

Her words were given omits the backdrop of a world struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, many lockdowns, bad news in the Media, and worsening climate change statistics.

Greta said: “Right now more than ever we are desperate for hope. But what is hope? For me hope is not more empty assurances that everything will be alright, that things are being taken care of and we do not need to worry.

“For me, hope is the feeling that keeps you going, even though all odds may be against you. 

“For me hope comes from action not just words. For me, hope is telling it like it is. No matter how difficult or uncomfortable that may be. 

“And again, I’m not here to tell you what to do. After all, safeguarding the future living conditions and preserving life on earth as we know it is voluntary. The choice is yours to make.”