Would you like a New Year morale boost for your employees, bringing positivity, productivity and profits to your business?

With January statistically the most miserable month of the year, journalist and speaker Shane Dean has launched his new TONIC motivational talks to help beat these post-Christmas blues and boost business morale.

Happiness can boost productivity in the workplace (photo via pexels.com)

As a double award winning journalist, he has been on a 28 year investigation to find the hidden secrets of how to be happy, calm and enjoy life to the full – even during difficult times.

According to a recent study, happiness can boost productivity in the workplace. And following Covid19, there has been a sharp rise in people struggling with depression and mental health issues.

Andrew Scott, CEO, of the Ascot Group, recently hosted Shane’s talk for his 100 staff and said TONIC is ‘ideal for businesses wanting a morale boost and looking to achieve growth’.

Andrew added: “I have worked with some of the best speakers in the world over the years, but I’ve never met anyone with more authenticity, passion and ability to really inspire people as Shane Dean.

Shane’s talks cover wellbeing and how to be optimistic, enthusiastic and a good team player. 

They are packed with takeaways from Shane’s own 28 year journey in the workplace and overcoming life struggles. 

Oli Ballard, Speaker, Journalist and Event Host, said: ““Shane’s talks have real depth and use real life examples combined with inspirational figures from history.

“His talks help audiences to think differently, become inspired and give take away examples for people to use in their day to day life.”

Shane is founder of Jill Dando News and also has his own national newspaper the Good News Post www.goodnewspost.co.uk which contains many TONIC and happiness tips. 

Please email Shane on shane@thepurplesheep.com to book a talk or for more information.

Happiness can boost productivity in the workplace (photo via pexels.com)