World rugby star gives top tips to dozens of secondary school students

By Olivia Finch and Erin Hale

Visiting rugby star and coach David Williams held a one-hour Period 6 training session for WCSA and PCSA students including the Worle Year 10 team who have just won the North Somerset Elite Tournament. 

He also did a question and answer session for dozens of students, many of whom aim to be top England rugby players.

Among a variety of advice, David told the students: “My advice would be ‘just do the simple things well.”

David is Head Coach of the top American team the Glendale Raptors in Colorado and before that was the Strength, Skills and Conditioning Coach.

Originally from Bath, Dave has also played on the USA Eagles 7s and 15s teams, as well as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the USA Men’s National Team.

Head of WCSA sport Callum Thompson said: “The students really enjoyed meeting someone who has reached the top of his sport and learning some tips along the way.”