World-renowned Archaeologist inspires on origins of Neanderthals

By Samara, Jill Dando News

A world-renowned Archaeologist and Science Writer has given a fascinating talk regarding the origins of Neanderthals 

Dr Rebecca Wragg Sykes further inspired students into careers in archaeology and science at the high-flying The King Alfred School Academy Sixth Form in Highbridge, Somerset.

Dr Wragg Sykes is a British Paleolithic archaeologist and popular science writer, who is an honorary fellow at the University of Liverpool. 

Alongside her primary academic work, her writing has featured in high profile publications such as: The New York Times and The Guardian.  

Released in August 2020, her debut novel: KINDRED: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art is a critically acclaimed and award winning bestseller, offering an insightful perception into 21st century Science, including learning more about these ancient relatives.

Her work even acquired a commendation from Professor Brian Cox. 

Whilst describing the physical experience of excavation she said: “Excavation is a stimulating experience. Your mind is always in two places at the same time. You’re excited to be there, but always alert that something can easily change.”

She also founded the group Trowel Blazers – celebrating women archaeologists, paleontologists and geologists and the contribution that they have made. 

She said: “I have really enjoyed the community aspect of the outreach, and the engagement that I have been able to have with my blogs.” 

Head of six form Jonathan Gaskell said “The students were enthralled by the talk. Dr Wragg Sykes  is the latest UK or world expert that we have had to further inspire students and to prepare them for university and beyond.”

TKASA is a high flying academy, with a soaring sixth form which is part of The Priory Learning Trust.