World Health Day, My health, My right (By Jaiden, 12)

By Jaiden, 12, Jill Dando News Correspondent

World Health Day is around the corner for us to celebrate.

This is an annual event that takes place around the world on the 7th of April. 

It was created by the World Health Organisation and the goal this year is to underscore the commitment to achieving universal health coverage, ensuring all individuals and communities have health services.

It all started with effect from 1950 when the world health organisation (WHO) began as an assembly in 1948.

The goal can vary each year. The theme in 2012 was to tell people about life expectancies in different countries.

This year, the special theme for World Health Day 2024 is ‘My health, my right’.  WHO is calling for better access to health services and education for all.  This can include basics like safe clean drinking water, clean air or safe high quality housing.  

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