Wonderful students place photos of war dead in homes where they once lived

(Exclusive story and photo by Anna Barrett)

In an amazing tribute, War hero soldiers as young as 15 who died in World War One have been honoured by The King Alfred Academy students placing their photos in the Highbridge and Burnham houses where they once lived.

Students and staff of The King Alfred School Academy and The Priory Learning Trust have created an amazing tribute to the fallen in a project with local residents and St Andrew’s Church. 

Some 51 photos of fallen soldiers of Highbridge and Burnham have been placed in the homes where they once lived.

One of them was 15 year old Cecil William Holt who died on 22 September 1914.

Last night, our The Post story was covered by BBC TV.

Student Fred Salamanca, aged 15, said: “It’s an amazing and unique way of remembering the people that fought for our country. I heard about a man called Fred how died aged just 19 and it gives us a really good perspective of what they did for the whole country.”

Student Mabel Mills, aged 14, said: “We are remembering the fallen soldiers. It hits home because it is relatable as it is in our area. One boy Cecil was only 15 and it brings it home just how real it was for such young people.”

Other tributes to the fallen have been taking place across The Priory Learning Trust at Worle Community School Academy and Priory Community School Academy.

Principal Nathan Jenkins said: “ I am really proud of our students and staff – this really is an amazing community project to remember so many true heroes who gave their own lives for others.”