Wonder Woman – five star escapism for unprecedented times

Samara Siviter, 16, of The King Alfred School Academy, gives her verdict The Power Of The Wish: Wonder Woman 1984 Film Review 

(Contains Brief Spoilers for the film and moderate spoilers for it’s 2017 Predecessor)

Rating: Five Stars Action packed. Heart Stopping. And pure escapism. 

Wonder Woman 1984 is just what we needed to finish off what was truly a one-of-a-kind year.

Wonder Woman 1984 is the latest film to feature the classic Amazonian heroine written by William Moulton Marston. 

The plot sees Diana Prince (played by the fantastic Israeli actress Gal Gadot) living a peaceful life in 1984 curating artefacts whilst recovering from the loss of her sweetheart Steve Trevor (played by the charismatic Chris Pine). 

As we would expect, she still continues to perform her acts of heroism, for example in an early scene, she stops two burglars from robbing a jewellery shop and saves a young child from falling in a mall, but chooses to remain incognito, despite being in possession of her full powers. 

However, this quiet life doesn’t last for long, as she meets two new villains, oil company owner Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and seemingly ‘plain jane’ Barbara (Kristen Wiig) through their discovery of an ancient stone (The Dreamstone), which has the power to grant any wish that is asked for it. 

Patty Jenkins returns to the director seat in this sequel, and truly delivers once again. The film has a beautiful blend of emotional dynamics (the reunion between Diana and Steve and the relationship between Maxwell and Alastair), one liners, plot twists (Barbara becoming “The Cheetah”) and action packed sequences, which truly makes any DC Fan want more. 

As sequels go, this one is pretty top class, and even ends with a surprise cameo that reconnects the much loved heroine with her early days. 

I would truly recommend this film to any DC, Adventure or Action Film fan, who needs an easy means of escapism from these unprecedented times.