Wonder kids – one of Britain’s best achievements by inspirational school

Wonderful pupils are in the top 5% of schools nationally after staggering SATs results.

(Reporting by pupils at Jill Dando News Centre and Ashcombe Primary School)

Some 90 Ashcombe Primary School pupils in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset were in the top 5% bracket for combined reading, writing and maths results this summer, compared with similar schools nationally.

It is made all the more remarkable by the fact that the school with 630 pupils is one of the biggest in the south-west.

The overall figures for the SATs were in the top 20% of similar schools nationally, and have increased for the fourth year running.

The school this year have rolled out a new programme of bringing learning to life by helping the homeless and by making rounded children ready to take on the world.

Headteacher John Clark said: “We are absolutely thrilled at these results. Truly staggering. It is thrilling that over the last four years the results have been increasing year-on-year.

“This year we have tried to take the pressure even more out of the tests, and have been focusing upon helping children to think of others and become rounded individuals.”

Ashcombe is a brilliant community school with a state of the art £5 million building.