Wonder artist eager for army dog handler career

A super-talented artist and former deputy head girl of WCSA is leaving behind her sketching to pursue a career as a dog handler in the army.

Dionne Mentjes, 18, presented some of her incredible artwork to Neville Coles, Executive Principal of The Priory Learning Trust, just 18 months after leaving Worle Community School Academy.

Her artwork at Worle Community School Academy was so outstanding it has widely admired and praised, and is now displayed around the WCSA site as well as TPLT.

Dionne though is looking to embark upon a top career in the Army as a dog handler, and is now studying Public Services at Weston College. 

Remarkably, when arriving into England aged only four from South Africa, Dionne could not speak any English. Before going to WCSA and becoming Deputy Head Girl, she was taught by Lisa Dadds at Worlebury Primary School; Lisa is also now at TPLT. 

She said: “Dogs are a huge passion of mine and I am so excited for a career in the army as a dog handler when I leave education.”