Wilding Club's trip sparks biodiversity projects (By Emily, 13, and Kira, 14)

Wilding Club's trip sparks biodiversity projects (By Emily, 13, and Kira, 14)

By Emily 13, Freya 14 and Kira 14, Jill Dando News Correspondents

Students of The King Alfred School Academy’s Wilding Club visited Somerset Wildlands to learn more about biodiversity and to gather ideas for future projects.

The club, which meets every Thursday after school during period 6, focuses on surveying the school grounds to assess current biodiversity and developing plans to improve it.

The Wilding Club, led by Mr Clements, aims to empower students to make a difference in the natural world right in their own community.

The club's work contributes to the restoration of natural wildlife in areas that have been stripped of their former ecological richness.


The trip to Somerset Wildlands was designed to aid in research and provide inspiration for the club’s ongoing and future projects. The students observed various natural habitats, learning firsthand about effective biodiversity management and conservation strategies.

During the trip, students completed several activities that provided them with practical experience in biodiversity assessment.

They surveyed a ditch teeming with underwater species and discovered a newt, highlighting the rich aquatic life in the area.

They also used quadrants to calculate the percentage of different plant species in the grassland and documented their findings.

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Members of the Wilding Club were recently interviewed by ITV News, where they discussed the importance of biodiversity in small spaces, the objectives of the Wilding Club, and the species they have discovered on the school grounds.

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