Why our students went to COP26? Together we can save the planet!

By Archie Matthews, 14, Climate Change editor

As Jack Clark, 16, and Olivia Finch, 17, return from COP26, Jack’s successor as Eco Chair, Archie Matthews, gives his view on why climate change is so important.

I am delighted that the former Head Boy and Girl at Worle Community School Academy (WCSA) have been to COP26 in Glasgow to highlight how important our climate is to us and future generations. 

Jack Clark and Olivia Finch, who run Somerset Climate Justice Network have done amazing work.

Olivia and Jack at the Glasgow COP26 summit this week, live on ITV

Live on ITV from Glasgow

This week they were live on ITV’s Good Morning Britain all morning from Glasgow. They have also been a major part of Jill Dando News, as Climate Change Editor and Student Editor.

As part of the high-achieving The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT) we are passionate about the environment.

It is a vital issue.

As the current Chair of Climate Justice Revolution I could not be more pleased to be in this position at WCSA, following in the footsteps of our former Chair, Jack.

Archie in his work in the environment

We, as a student body at WCSA do as much as we can to help our environment, for example: teachers’ car sharing, teachers’ electric car points, walk and cycle to school scheme and much more…

Together we can get something done

COP26 is important because it shows how if we all get together we can get something done!  

Another reason why it is important is because we can all express our opinions on climate change on an open platform.  

Our mission is simple… take every opportunity given to improve ourselves and our planet to the best of our ability.