Why it is good news for black cats – by Lucy, 13 

Every single animal on the Earth is special.

Black cats are no exception!

That’s why we need to remember that 27th of October is National Black Cat Day.  

It was started by The Cats Protection after they noticed it took longer for black cats and black and white cats to get a new home compared to cats of other colours.  

This may be down to old wives tales and superstitions throughout the years.

But as an owner of a black and white cat, I know that a black cat or a black and white cat bring such joy to your life.  

I think it’s an amazing campaign that they have done. 

Now black cats are spending less time in the homing centre. 

A very well done to the Cats Protection for all your hard work, it has certainly paid off. 

Lucy has been a Good News Post reporter for two years and is part of the North of England team.