Why good news is good for you…

There is seemingly more bad news now than ever in history.

With 24.7 news and social media, we are bombarded with it. That’s why the Good News Post is a refreshing change. Who does not like to hear someone say “I’ve got some good news for you…” It makes you feel much better.

Did you know that actually there is far more good news going on than bad? We just don’t hear about it as much.

And constantly hearing bad news will have a detrimental effect on our mental health.

This is what good news does for you…

1 Releases endorphins. (Naturally occurring neurochemicals that make you feel good). Bad news incidentally gives the opposite. Who wants to feel miserable? Life is to be enjoyed.

2 Boosts health. (Your immune system is reinforced)

3 Reduces stress. (Hearing bad news raises stress hormone cortisol but good news reduces it. Incidentally so does laughing, patting your dog, breathing, wild salmon, dark chocolate and extra-virgin olive oil!)

4 Makes you more positive and happy. (Brain experts now know that we can change our brains to become a more positive person. Brain neuroplasticity can help you in tremendous ways in terms of reaching a healthier and more positive mindset by re-wiring)

5 Boosts your mental well-being. (Feeling miserable can be called by thinking too many bad news thoughts. Good news can have the opposite effect)

6 Can help you live longer. (Thinking positive thoughts of good news is simply a healthier way to live)

7 Wins you friends. (Who wants to be around a person just full of bad news!)

Do yourself a favour – start thinking good news thoughts today.