Why all schools should join the Let’s Go Zero campaign, by Jack, 16

As the UK prepares to host the COP26 climate conference, one UK school is making waves when it comes to the environment. Worle Community School Academy in Somerset has now committed to going carbon-neutral by joining the Let’s Go Zero campaign. 

Jill Dando News reporter Jack Clark argues that now it’s time for every school in the UK to do their duty too.

“The Let’s Go Zero campaign is a group of 119 schools across the UK who have pledged to make their campuses carbon neutral. This involves focusing on energy use, travel, waste, water, procurement, food and school grounds. 

The campaign is one that intends to send a powerful message to the UK Government ahead of COP26. 

It shows the Prime Minister that young people must be involved in handling the climate crisis and that schools across the country agree we need tougher measures to stop climate change.

All that’s left is for schools to step up and take action. Schools mould students to become the leaders of tomorrow but students won’t get that chance unless the education sector shows the Government that it is time to toughen climate plans. 

It is time to put trust in the future. 

Do this and we can control what will be one the most deadly crises in mankind’s history. 

But it is only through campaigns such as Let’s Go Zero that we can prove it is time for change.”

(Jack is founder of Climate Justice Revolution at WCSA and Founding Editor of Green Gazette.)

See more at www.letsgozero.org and Transform Our World.