What is ‘good news’?

Good news stories can be anything that brings a little bit of hope to someone, a touch of happiness.

They are everywhere…. The Good News Post is a one-stop-shop of Good News and Happiness.

Good News can be stories are in every person, every family, every school, community, organisation, business and nation.

There is more good news than bad out there.

Jill Dando News reporters are being trained to find it in their school, community and around the world in Jill’s memory.

The beginnings of the Jill Dando News Centre and the Good News Post in Jill’s old school.

It could be a story about an inspirational woman who has overcome difficulties in her life, someone being kind to random people, or even an 11 year old breaking the sprint record in his school.

Look for acts of kindness, people bringing hope, laughter, joy and encouragement to others in your community, country or other nation of the world.

It can be a tip from someone about how they have overcome mental health struggles to help others in some way.

Make it your mission to look for good news and tell others.