One year on since I quizzed Boris at Number 10, by Elijah, 11

One year on since I quizzed Boris at Number 10, by Elijah, 11

By Elijah, aged 11

One year ago, our Good News Post and Jill Dando reporters descended on Downing Street to interview new Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The first journalists in the world to do so. What a day for the children, and what a year for Boris and the world. By Elijah, 11, of Jill Dando News.

Who would have thought that only two days after my 10th birthday I would interview the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street.

Elijah, 11, right, with Dawson, 13.

I had the amazing opportunity to interview Boris Johnson at The King Alfred School Academy two months before.

But here I was again!

I was shocked.

We nearly missed by seconds the 5.52am train from Worle after my dad’s alarm didn’t go off.

At Downing Street, me along with the other Jill Dando reporters were met by around 13 security guards who had machine guns, pistols and tasers. It was scary and exciting.

Inside we climbed the huge staircase where all the prime ministers of the past have their picture hung up. Then the White Room where they host foreign leaders.

The Cabinet Room room was particularly exciting. I sat in the main chair where every Prime Minister has sat - it’s the only one with arms on it. People like Winston Churchill sat here.

In another room, the ‘special’ guest Boris was introduced. From nowhere Boris jumped out, he shook everyone’s hands and then welcomed everyone - he looked down at me and said

“You’re Elijah, I remember you” which made me feel very proud.

He was with us for over an hour and a half, letting us watch the interviews he did for TV with Sky, BBC and other channels, and even signed autographs - I got two, one for my sister. I gave him the latest copy of The Post and he said goodbye.

We were shown out and allowed to take loads of photos outside number 10.

I felt so cool as hardly any people get to experience what I did, I vowed walking out of Downing Street that I would be back!

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