We are all hungry for hope. So huge happy 100th birthday wishes for Tom, a shining symbol of the stuff.

As Captain Tom Moore turns 100 today, Piers Morgan this morning summed up the feeling of the nation, rightly hailing him as a shining beacon of hope and inspiration.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave his own message, calling Tom a ‘Point of Light’ whose ‘heroic efforts have lifted lift the spirits of the entire nation’.

Tom, in his 100 garden lap walk for the NHS, raised a staggering £30 million to help fight Covid-19 – and even broke his hip 18 months ago.

Speaking this morning to Good Morning Britain, Tom said: “It may be difficult, it may take time, but we will win through in the end.”

What an attitude. What a man. What hope. 

In these difficult days of hardship and misery for many, Tom epitomises hope.

It’s what we all need. We are all hungry for hope.

That’s what this newspaper is all about. Positive stories of hope. Hundreds of them, on people such as Tom, written by young people in schools. 

Stories of inspiration fill up our ‘Hope Tank’.

The coronavirus crisis has seen our tanks and that of the world take a huge hit.

So have a wonderful birthday Tom. On behalf of the world’s residents, thank you. 

You have helped fill our hope tanks to overflowing.