How to be happy (by a 102 year old)

How to be happy (by a 102 year old)

By The Editor (Good News and Happiness)

A doctor aged 102 (and a half!) years has been telling her secrets of health and happiness on the podcast of one of the world’s best doctors.

Dr Gladys McGarey passionately believes health and happiness is twinned with finding our purpose to get out of bed in the morning - not just what diet and vitamins we do.

The inspirational centenarian is guest on this week’s episode of Dr Rangan Chatterjee Feel Better Live More podcast.

She is the oldest person he has welcomed onto the show and is co-founder of the American Holistic Medical Association and author of the fantastic new book, The Well-Lived Life: A 102-year-old Doctor’s Secrets to Health and Happiness at Every Age.
Dr Chatterjee’s podcast is helping countless numbers to feel better and live more and is highly recommended by the Good News Post and Jill Dando News.

He said via his website: ”Many people consider Gladys to be the ‘mother of holistic medicine’. Over the past 60 years, she has been trying to spread the message that health is not just physical – it involves mental, emotional and spiritual elements in equal measure.
“After nearly eight decades treating patients, her message is that living a long and healthy life isn’t about the right diet, or taking vitamins and supplements. Instead, it requires a shift in perspective.”

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“A long life is all very well, but what are you living for? She believes passionately that we are all here for a reason – and that everything happens for a reason. While conventional medicine strives to eradicate disease and pain, her view is that they’re our teachers, trying to tell us something.”
“For many people today, finding one’s purpose in life feels like an optional extra when we’re busy working, raising children or caring for parents. It can be hard to know who we really are or what we want out of life. But Gladys insists we should still strive to identify our purpose – our reason for getting out of bed every morning.”

Happiness is not just diet and vitamins - it is having a purpose (photo via

Dr Chatterjee added: “This is a wonderful, life affirming conversation about the very essence of life and health. It was a real privilege to talk with Gladys and I think you will enjoy her warmth and golden wisdom.

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