Want to be less anxious and happier? Try this TV doctor’s five steps

Want to be less anxious and happier? Try this TV doctor’s five steps

By Happiness Correspondent

Everyone knows you can’t be happy if you’re constantly anxious or worrying - but there is hope.

Podcasters across the world are realising there are massive problems with society and with knock on effects on anxiety and mental health.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee, host of the Feel Better Live More podcast, is one of those experts who are giving their top ways to ease your anxieties.

Statistics show there are more people worrying and anxious than ever before and Dr Rangan addresses this regularly in his podcast and weekly email.

This week Dr Chatterjee encourages listeners to try his Five-step Release to ease anxieties.

He helps people regularly on a variety of issues to Feel Better and Live More.

He said: Sometimes we start the day anxious. Maybe there’s a work meeting or a social occasion in the diary that’s worrying you. Perhaps you’re not sure what the root cause is.

“Either way, negative feelings can often be relieved by getting your thoughts down on paper. Set yourself up for a calm day by working through the five points below.”

Here are Dr Rangan’s five step solution to beat anxieties

1 One thing I’m anxious about

Identify the issue that’s most dominant in the swirl of thoughts going around your head.

2 One practical thing I can do to prepare for it

With day-to-day anxieties, being proactive and practical can really help. Planning how you’re going to get somewhere or thinking about possible conversational topics in advance can reduce feelings of worry.

3 One reason it’s not going to be as bad as I fear

Our minds naturally turn to worst-case scenarios to protect us, but it can make things seem worse than they are. Foster a more realistic view of your problem by refusing to catastrophize.

4 One reason I know I can handle it

Perspective is a great thing. Remember how you tackled a similar event – or a worse one – and got through it.

5 One upside of the situation

Find a positive to the problem that’s worrying you. Most dark clouds really do have a silver lining.

Listen to Dr Chatterjee and his encouragement on https://drchatterjee.com

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