Want to be happy? Think the right thoughts today

So, mid teens and post pensioner is the happiest stage of life to be, according to new research. 

This doesn’t have to be the case. Who decides? You!

For me, it was not until age 21 that I realised that I myself held the key to happiness or sadness. I was simply making a choice. I was the leader of my own mind – I was choosing my thoughts.

From then on, I started to determinedly think positive thoughts all the time, whatever was going on.

Here’s what I have learned. Powerful happiness hormones are triggered by right thinking, helped by a quieted mind, aided by slow deep breathing, and fuelled by drinking water and eating good food.

Think habitual thoughts of positivity, hope and optimism and you will be happiest whatever the age.

Or dwell on negative, tired, gloomy thoughts of despair and you’re emotions will quickly follow.  

Don’t let life control you. Whether your 16, 60 or 100, make a choice today to be happy.