Want to be happier? Be a giver not a taker says professor in new book

By Happiness Correspondent

Adam Grant, an organisational psychologist, University of Pennsylvania professor, podcaster, and the bestselling author of multiple books, says studies, prove that givers and generous people are happier than takers. 

He declared his findings in his latest book, Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things, 
In the book, Adam explains what it really takes to succeed, how to find joy in progress, and why the true measure of potential is not how high you reach, but how far you came to get there.

Adam explained how there are three types of people – givers, takers and matchers who think “I will do something for you, and you do something for me’.

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He said: “In the data, I can tell you we find, in the long run, not only are givers happier, but they are more successful than matchers and takers.”

The brilliant author was a guest on this week’s episode of Dr Rangan Chatterjee Feel Better Live More podcast.
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