Vulnerable city residents helped with emergency food and goods

(By Jasmine, reporter)

Bristol City Council workers and volunteers have packed and delivered necessities and emergency goods to the most vulnerable city residents.

The goods were supplied by the central government and were distributed by local taxi drivers during the coronavirus crisis.

When calling round to check on local Bristolians health and safety, the council found that 53 people in Bristol were living in isolation with no food and support. 

Volunteers were found on the Can Do Bristol site and were asked to join in at city hall to pack emergency food parcels.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said: “Protecting the most vulnerable people in our communities from the threat of the coronavirus outbreak is the responsibility of everyone. Working in partnership with central Government and local volunteers we are doing all we can to shield the most at-risk people though making sure they have food and support.

“The preparation and distribution of these food packages has been a collaboration between government, the council, local volunteers, and taxi drivers and provides the perfect example of how by working together we can help those who need it most.”

The Bristol City Council have uploaded pictures to their Facebook and Instagram page to thank the volunteers and workers and in response, have received praise from their followers.

Other work by Bristol City Council in response to Covid-19 is working with St Mungo’s and Julian Trust to house homeless people and other vulnerable groups in accommodation so that they can self-isolate during the crisis, as well as receive the food, support and the medicines they need.