Breathe out stress: Michael Mosley gives top anxiety calming hack in new podcasts

Breathe out stress: Michael Mosley gives top anxiety calming hack in new podcasts
Breathing is a excellent way of calming you down

by Happiness Correspondent

Feeling frazzled? On the edge of burnout? There is good news.

Top health journalist and biology guru Michael Mosley has a simple yet powerful prescription for reducing anxiety and promoting inner calm: use your breath. 

In his new podcast "Reset Your Calm," Mosley dives into the scientifically proven power of conscious breathing to activate the body's built-in relaxation response. 

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"Our breath is the remote control to regulating our stress levels," Mosley explained. 

“Just by slowing it down, we can hack into the parasympathetic nervous system - our body's renewable source of relaxation and rejuvenation."

The podcast's premiere episode spotlights research from neuroscientist Mara Mather. 

She explains how exhaling deeply stimulates the vagus nerve, dubbed the "primary highway" of the parasympathetic system. 

This strong neural signal tells the heart to reduce its rate, lowers blood pressure, and crucially, calms brain activity.

"Aim for around 6 breaths per minute - that's the sweet spot where your breathing syncs up with the body's restorative rhythms," advises Mosley.

He recommends the simple "box breathing" technique reputedly used by navy seals.

Inhaling for 4 counts, holding for 2, exhaling for 4. "It's like giving your body the code to stand down from fight-or-flight mode."

Mosley cites multiple studies showing that just 5 minutes of controlled breathing daily can significantly improve mood, ease anxiety, and even release neurotransmitters linked to positive emotions. 

“It's one of the simplest but most powerful ways to activate your relaxation response on demand," he marvels.

In upcoming episodes, Mosley will reveal four other biological hacks for triggering the calm reflex, drawing on insights from top scientists globally.

From progressive muscle relaxation to tapping into nature's patterns, he provides listeners with an accessible toolkit for managing modern stressors.  

"We're biologically wired to relax and renew - we just need to learn how to push that internal reset button," states Mosley. 

“This podcast will show you how to breathe better for less stress and more serenity."

"Reset Your Calm" from Michael Mosley premieres May 28th with new episodes weekly across all major platforms.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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