University of Oxford interviewees get top tips from long-serving former deputy head

A former deputy headteacher of The King Alfred School Academy and Teaching Fellow at Cambridge University has been preparing four current students with their University of Oxford interviews.

Jack Murphy, George Simmons, Charlie Valentine and Anya Butler will have interviews this week with the University of Oxford.

To prepare them, Richard Yeomanson, former Deputy Headteacher at TKASA and Teaching Fellow at Corpus Christi Cambridge, gave mock interviews to give them tips for success.

Richard was at the school from the 1970s to 2005 and was head of sixth form in the 1990s.

The Somerset sixth form is part of The Priory Learning Trust and takes students from Highbridge, Burnham, and Weston-super-Mare and even Italy, Belgium and Germany.

It has record numbers of 113 students starting this year and some of the south west‘s best performance statistics.

Head of Sixth Form Jonathan Gaskell said: “Many thanks to Richard for his help. Thousands of students will remember him and it is wonderful that he is able to still help out with our academy and sixth form. The students have had brilliant preparation and are truly exceptional.”